Let’s Try For Some Steelhead

Chris's 2014 Fall Steelhead

Here’s Chris with his Grand Daughter Katherine who decided to take a break from the salmon and try for some steelhead.  Great decision as Chris holds this awesome 12lb, 29″ buck.  Well done Chris!

The salmon poplulation is quickly deteriorating putting an end to one of the weakest salmon runs I’ve wittnessed in years.  On a bright chrome note….the steelhead numbers are increasing so is the weather patterns to bring more in the coming days.  Hold on tight…..the TUG can be a little overwhelming some times!

What’s This Fall Steelhead Thing All About?

Scott's 13lb 30 Inch 2014 Fall Steelhead


Congrats to Scott for this awesome 14lb, 30 inch male steelhead.  Not bad for his first steelhead ever!  Way to go Scott!! You earned this one my friend!

post by: Jon Fortuna

All In The Family!

John & Family 2014 King Salmon

John's 2014 King

Zach 23lb King Salmon

Sam's 22lb King

Chad's 22lb King Salmon

Jogn With Another 2014 King Salmon

Sam's 24lb King Salmon

John's Last King Of The Day!

 John spending the day salmon fishing the Muskegon River with his family.

Special thanks again to the Gray Drake Lodge for hosting today’s trip.

post by: Jon Fortuna


Jeff's 2014 Fall Steelhead

Bert's 2014 Fall Steelhead

Jeff's 2nd 2014 Fall Steelhead

Jeff's 2014 King Salmon

Bert's 2014 King Salmon

Jeff's 2014 King Salmon

Bert & Jeff's 2014 King Salmon

Jeff (pictured top) with Bert holding some excellent fall steelhead and some great king salmon.  Jeff’s first time ever steelhead fishing, just happened to hook and land a pair (male & female) over 13lbs each in excess of 30″.  Nice job Jeff!!

Post by: Jon Fortuna

Happy Birthday Troy!

Troy's 2014 King Salmon

Chad's 2014 King Salmon

Troy pictured above celebrating his birthday in style with his best bud Chad holding a couple of several King Salmon from today.

post by: Jon Fortuna

The Boys From Chicago

Jordan's 2014 King Salmon

Dan's 2014 King Salmon

Mike's 2014 King Salmon

Jordan With Another 2014 King Salmon

Jordan With Another 2014 King Salmon

Jordan, Dan, and Mike pictured with a few from many today.

Salmon numbers continue to increase.  Steelhead are available for those of you ready to commit.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Jeff From Colorado

Jeff's 2014 King Salmon

2014 King Salmon, Jeff's

Another 2014 King By Jeff


post by: Jon Fortuna

Paying It Forward….

Dave's 20 inch Rainbow Trout

Dave's 2014 King Salmon

This trip was dedicated to Bill Karpowicz.  Friend of my grand father & dad, USMC  WW II battle of Iwo Jima survivor, & retired Grand Rapids, MI police officer.  Thanks for your service Bill!  Best wishes from the Fortuna & Hulswit families.

Dave Hulswit holding a nice 20″ rainbow and a 20 lb. king salmon from today.

More fresh salmon continue to populate the river system.  Steelhead and large trout are a factor right now.

Post by: Jon Fortuna

Detroit In The House!

Chris's 2014 King Salmon

Jim's 2014 King Salmon

Chris With a 2014 King Salmon

Chris (pictured on top) and Jim from Detroit had a good day of King Salmon fishing.  Here’s a few of many from the day.

Salmon numbers continue to grow as does the steelhead numbers.  Recent rains have helped raise the water levels and turn the bite back on.

Thanks to Gray Drake Lodge for hosting todays outing.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Chrome Lightning Strikes!!

George Jr's 2014 Fall Steelhead

George Sr's 2014 Fall SteelheadGeorge Sr's 2014 Fall King

“If a steelhead hits”…. it’ll feel like a lightning bolt strike through your fly rod!  Team George Jr & Sr from Chicago found out first hand!  Here’s a few from today.

post by: Jon Fortuna