Cahill Caddis & The Trout Who Love Em!

Feels great to be back on the river!  Feels even better having experienced good top water activity with the cahill & caddis hatch last night.

Muskegon River Rainbow Trout

Recent rains really turned the bite on.

Muskegon River Brown Trout

For those who never trout fished the Muskegon River late August thru September the name of the game is patience.  These trout are selective.  They test every ounce of skill you possess with your fly rod.  Longer tippets, multiple fly changes, & timing your cast is crucial for success.  Last night, the Muskegon River gods smiled upon me, as I connected with some really nice trout with the bigger ones missed keeping me coming back for more.

Extremely happy to report the water levels (1400 cfs) on the Muskegon are exceptional for this time of year. Never seen better water levels for late August.  Surface hatches of cahill and caddis flies are on the rise.  Bottom line, the stage is being set for another outstanding fishing season this fall on the Muskegon.  Dry flies for trout is center stage right now followed by salmon & steelhead in October.

Fishing dates are filling up fast with some excellent dates still available for late season dry fly trout thru September followed by king salmon and steelhead starting in October.

post by:  Jon Fortuna

Saturday, 5th Of July Fly Fishing The Muskegon

Catching steelhead thru mid-June, pro-longed cooler water temps heading into July, epic gray drake hatches…..these are just some of the very real, very positive effects from the long cold winter we suffered thru.  This past Polar Vortex continues to extend the life of our trout fishing on the Muskegon  by maintaining cooler water temps.  Streamers and nymphs continue to be the recent weapons of choice despite the growing emergence of caddis flies in the upper stretches, cahill’s and iso’s (mayflies) in the lower.

Ron with a nice 5th of July brown trout

Despite the hundreds of tubers choking the river system, Ron form Chicago got the job done with a really nice brown trout taken with a nymph.

Special thinks to Matt Supinski owner of the Gray Drake Lodge for hosting the trip.

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Muskegon River Brown Trout!

Here’s John and his two sons Jack & Mike showing them how to get it done with a really nice Muskegon river brown trout caught on a gray drake pattern in an area feeding among several smaller trout.

Johns awesome brown trout


Muskegon River Brown Trout


Johns fat Muskegon River Brown Trout


Sucker spawn is rapidly diminishing causing trout to key in on other food sources at top water i.e….flies.  The evening gray drake hatch is still present but the opportunities at large size trout feeding on these hatches is getting more and more selective as key areas have seen a lot of fishing pressure.  The caddis hatch is starting to increase in select areas.  Look for your best opportunities at slow moving bends just before dark or sunrise.

post by:  Jon Fortuna

Bows & Browns

18" Muskegon River Rainbow Trout

Caught this really nice 18″ rainbow on a “spent” drake pattern.

18" Rainbow Trout

18″ Muskegon River Rainbow Trout.

2014 Muskegon River Gray Drake Hatch

“One in a Million.”  Muskegon River Spent Gray Drake Hatch.

Almost seems like the enormous hatches we’ve been experiencing throughout the day on the Muskegon are causing the trout to be much more selective.  In the coming days look for the sucker spawn to subside.  This will only help our cause getting the trout to look up.

post by: Jon Fortuna


Bows Going “Bump In The Night!”

Carter's Awesome Rainbow

Pictures never do these large trout justice in just how big they really are.  Here’s Carter from Rockford, MI with his first ever Muskegon river rainbow trout caught on a fly rod with a gray drake pattern.  All Carter wanted to do was “touch a real rainbow trout” as this was the only north american game fish he’s never really seen first hand.  Well, Carter’s wish came thru in a big way with this awesome bow and several other browns.  Congrats Carter, hope you stick with fly fishing for many more years to come!

June 8th, 2014 Gray Drake Hatch On Muskegon River

Just as pics don’t do justice to the size of the trout, nor does this pic due justice to the true size of the prolific gray drake hatch we witnessed.

Spent Gray Drakes On Muskegon

Almost seems impossible the odds of a monster trout striking your fly pattern among the thousands of real spent patterns.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Put The Steelhead Rods Away For Summer!

Jon's 6.10.14 Muskegon Steelhead

Jon from Minnesota with his first ever steelhead taken on a fly rod with a stone fly.

Muskegon River Gray Drake Fly

The gray drake hatch has been very strong the past few days.

Brad's Muskegon River Rainbow Trout On Fly

Brad from Chicago with his first ever rainbow trout taken on a fly rod with a gray drake.

Jon's 2014 June Steelhead

Jon with another mid-June, yes I said…..mid-June steelhead taken on the Muskegon river.

Got the best of both worlds going on right now with another amazing push of fresh steelhead up the river system and suckers spawning with very large browns & rainbows feeding behind the beds.  Dry fly fishing is outstanding in the morning and evening hours.  I’ve witnessed several large trout rising.  We know where they live for anyone interested in the opportunity to hook a 20+ inch brown or rainbow.

Special thanks again to the Gray Drake Lodge for hosting the trip.

post by: Jon Fortuna

The Gray Drakes Are Here!

Amy with a nice rainbow trout

Amy from Rockford, MI pictured holding her first Muskegon River rainbow trout caught with a fly rod.  The evening hatch of Gray Drakes is exploding right now on the Muskegon.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Still Standing

May 25th 2014 Steelhead

Steelhead still exists in pockets on the Muskegon.  Drop backs are found in and around spawning Red Tail Suckers.  It’s that time a year again where the transition from thermal winter wear and waders are traded up for shorts and sandals.  Steelhead rods start to take a back seat to streamer tip and dry fly trout rods.  Water clarity is improving.  Water levels are dropping to the 3,000 cfs range.  The stage is being set for excellent trout fishing to come.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Mid May Showers Bring Chrome Steel Flowers

Nice to finally get a chance to fish for a couple hours with long time Fly Fire client; Bert from Rodney, MI.

Bert Mid May Steel 2014

Bert with 2014 mid May Chrome!

Jon w/Mid May Steel 2014

2014 mid May Steel!  I forgot how much fun it is to fight these mighty Muskegon River Steelhead!

Bert with Late May Steelhead

Bert with a hard fighting buck.

Muskegon River May Steelhead

The middle of May is providing some excellent steelhead fishing here on the MO!

Bert with Another Nice May Steelhead

Bert with another Muskegon River Steelhead caught half way thru May, 2014.

May Steelhead On The Muskegon

2014 mid May Steelhead on the Muskegon river.

Mid May Chrome Steelhead

Does it get any more chrome than this for a Steelhead the middle of May?  This hen was released full of eggs.

Water levels, water clarity or lack of it, water temps……everything remains excellent to provide awesome steelhead fishing thru mid June!

pst by: Jon Fortuna


Fresh Push Of Water = Fresh Push Of Steelhead!

Meet George and his nephew (a.k.a….”the Chromer”) Alex from Chicago with his newly found passion for steelhead fishing.

Alex...a.ka. The Chromer

Here’s Alex “The Chromer” with a picture perfect pre-spawn hen brought in from the recent push of water.

George's Steelhead

Here’s George with a hard fighting buck.

The Chromer With Another Steelhead

Here’s “The Chromer” with another nice steelhead.

George with another steelie

George with another nice buck.

Alex with another nice hen

“The Chromer” with a really nice drop-back hen.

George's Beast of the day

George holding his “Beast of the Day!”

Alex's Best Of The Day

“The Chromer” with his “Beast of the Day!”

George's Last Cast

George with his last cast of the day.  Great way to end the trip!  Great job guys!!

Recent rains raised the water levels to 4,950 bringing with it new steelhead up the river system.  Water clarity is still slightly stained making streamer fishing a very good choice in the up-coming weeks.  The Stone fly hatch is increasing significantly in select areas of the river.  We also witnessed increasing rises of trout slamming Stones.  Look for trout fishing to explode very soon!

post by: Jon Fortuna

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