Bows, Browns, & Chrome. Fly Fishing Paradise

Josh with a 22 inch Muskegon River Brown Trout

Brian with a silver bullet!

Josh with a 20" Muskegon River Rainbow Trout

Brian with an awesome buck!

Josh with a nice spring hen

Brian with another outstanding steelhead

Here’s Josh & Brian with their first ever fly fishing trip.  Josh with an outstanding 22″ river brown, 21″ rainbow, and several steelhead.  Brian as well with several outstanding steelhead.  Not bad for first time fly fishing fanatics.  Great job guys!

Water levels remain very good & lightly stained, perfect conditions for steelhead (thanks again for the rain prayers)!  Midge & Black Stone fly hatches are starting to get looks from hungry eyes below of feeding trout. Warmer water temps have resulted in some early rises lately.

post by: jon fortuna

Rolling…..High & Dirty!

Ed with a big buck!

Herb with an nice spring steelhead

Ed with a 2015 Spring Chrome Steelhead

Herb with a really nice brown trout

Ed with another nice chrome hen

Herb with his best of the day!

Here’s Herb & Ed with some nice steelhead and a awesome brown trout from a rainy day with high water.

Look for the high & dirty water to recede & clear in the days to come.  Steelhead fishing continues to improve as more fish enter the river system.

post by: jon fortuna

When It Rains…It Pours!

Blake's April Steelhead

Blake's April Spring Hen

Blake & Ed with a nice spring buck

Ed with a 8lb walleye

Blake with another spring hen

Here’s Blake and his Dad (Ed) with a few of several hook-ups today.  Check out Ed’s 8lb Walleye!

Recent rains have absolutely “kick-started” the spring run on the Muskegon river (thanks for your prayers).  High dirty water is now in session and will be here for a while.  With it brings peace and security to migrating steelhead making their way up the river system.

post by: jon fortuna

2 Days In Steelhead Paradise

Mark with an outstanding chrome hen

Mark with a really nice plump spring steelhead

Mark with another spring steelhead

Mark with 2015 chrome steel

Mark with another chrome steelhead

Mark with an early morning steelhead

Mark with a scrappy buck

Mark with a Muskegon River Walleye

Mark with a really nice 2015 spring steelhead

Here’s Mark from Minnesota who joined me for the past two days experiencing some excellent steelhead fishing on the Muskegon river in Michigan.

More steelhead continue to enter the river system.  Water temps are expected to reach the low 40’s in the next few days.  Much needed rain is in the forecast to raise water levels.

post by: jon fortuna

9 Year Old…. Hands Of Steel!

9 year old CJ with his first ever steelhead

Here’s 9-year-old CJ with Dad celebrating in style with his first ever steelhead.  A 29″ Muskegon River silver bullet taken with a fly rod!  If you could have only seen the cast CJ made to hook this fish!  Not to mention the fight.  CJ handled it flawlessly navigating this outstanding chrome hen out of several logjams.  I believe we have a new “Man of Steel” among us my friends.  Outstanding job CJ!  Welcome to the steelhead club!

The spring run is coming around nicely.  Fresh chrome has entered the river system.  Well needed rain in the forecast will push the steelhead in overdrive.

Special thanks to Matt Supinski, owner of the Gray Drake Lodge for hosting todays trip.

post by: jon fortuna


38 Degrees & Climbing!

Ted with an awesome spring steelhead

Ted with another 2015 chrome spring hen

Here’s Ted’s best of several chrome steelhead from today.

The count down begins.  38 degree water temps now followed by rain in the forecast with warmer evenings will be exactly what’s needed to reach that magic 42 degree water temp sending the spring steelhead run into overdrive.  Stay tuned!

post by: Jon Fortuna

Let’s Not Fish Today…”It’s Too Cold!”

Rod's awesome 9 Degree Morning Spring Steelhead

Dave's really nice spring hen

Rod's Muskegon River Spring Steelhead

Dave's Fat Muskegon River Rainbow Trout

Rod's 2015 Spring Steelhead

Muskegon River Spring Roost

Muskegon River Turkey Take Flight

A frigid nine degree start didn’t mean a thing to Dave, his son Rod, and friend Leslie when the steelhead are biting.  Great job today guys, outstanding day!

Water levels are low for the this time of year on the Muskegon.  Spring rains are much needed.  On the bright side, look for water temps to raise the next few days triggering steelhead to become more active.  Steelhead numbers continue to grow but, pray for rain!

Special thanks to Headwater Custom River Boats of Clio, MI for hosting todays trip.  If you’re looking for a great riverboat, take a look at Headwater boats.

post by: Jon Fortuna

March Madness Strikes The Mo!!

Muskegon River Steelhead

Muskegon River Silver Bullet

Spring Steelhead 2015

Early Morning Spring Steelhead

What a roller coaster of weather patterns past few days.  50’s one day followed by 20’s the next.  Water levels at 3,000 cfs this morning followed by a considerable drop to 2,400 at the end of the day.  Seems the water levels are following these up and down weather patterns.

Look for the push of rain middle of the week to warm water temps.  36.5 now followed by a few more warmer days mixed with heavy rain is just what’s needed to hit that magic 42 degree water temp and send the steelhead into the spring run!  Steelhead fishing continues to improve as more fish enter the river system on a daily basis.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Spring Steelhead Fever On The Muskegon River!

Bert with a nice March 2015 Muskegon River Steelhead

Bert's March 2015 Chrome Steelhead

Bert's scrappy Mach Steelhead

Bert's really nice crimson red steelhead

Bert from Rodney, MI with some really nice spring steelhead from today.  Water levels started out low at 1800 cfs but are on the rise to 2650.  This push of water is exactly what’s needed to bring more fish up stream.  Steelhead fishing has been improving as of late.  Look for conditions to only get better as we get closer to April.

post by: Jon Fortuna 

Every End Of Winter Has A Silver Lining!

March 8th, 2015 Muskegon River Chrome

March, 2015 Muskegon River Steelhead

2015 Early Spring Steelhead, Muskegon River

2015 Muskegon River Steelhead

The stage is being set.  Well needed warm weather patterns the rest of the week will help kick start the Muskegon river offering the possibility of an excellent spring steelhead run. Evidence provided by the beautiful chrome hen pictured above.  Look for this week’s run-off to trigger a major push of steelhead by weeks end.  Follow the water temps.  35-degree water temps now with rising temps thru the week.  All of which makes this early April look like a very strong possibility for the start of the peak steelhead run.

post by: Jon Fortuna