King Salmon, Monster Trout & Twisted Chrome Steelhead!


Fall is what fly fishing on the Muskegon River is all about!  Weather patterns are shaping up nicely for some excellent fall fishing on the Muskegon.

18" Muskegon River Rainbow Trout

In September, trout fishing with dry flies will be the main focus as the caddis hatch for rainbow & browns start to come back around when the cool fall nights trigger the hatch causing a massive feeding frenzy among the rainbow and brown trout population.

Muskegon river king salmon

King salmon on the Muskegon starts early October and runs thru mid-November.  With it brings excellent opportunities for very large rainbow and brown trout as well as very active steelhead seeking salmon roe dislodged behind active salmon redds.

Scott's 13lb 30 Inch 2014 Fall Steelhead

Early October thru mid-December offers the best fall steelhead fishing on the Muskegon.  Fall is your absolute best opportunity to experience the sheer power these fish have, as they fight harder in the fall over any other time of year on the Muskegon River.

Our bookings are filling up fast as October approaches, but we still have excellent dates available.  If you’ve never experienced fall fishing on the Muskegon River you’ve got to give it a try.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a beginner, or a parent looking to have a great fall get away with your wife & kids give us a try.   We offer all the means necessary to provide you with an excellent experience fishing the Muskegon River in the fall.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Late June Steelhead On the Muskegon River

Tommy (in blue) with a chrome steelhead caught June 20th on Muskegon river

Here’s Tommy (in blue) along with Kurt holding this awesome chrome hen steelhead caught June 21st on the Muskegon river.

Dry fly fishing has strongly improved now that the water levels are down from 5800 cfs the beginning of the week to 2600 this weeks end.

The higher water brought with it some fresh new steelhead in select pockets.  Both Tommy & Kurt hooked multiple steelhead today along with several trout on dry flies.  Caddis, sulfurs, and pockets of gray drake flies have been the top producers.

Special thanks to Matt Supinski owner of the Gray Drake Lodge & Outfitters for hosting todays trip.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Trout With Dry Flies On The Muskegon River

Jimmy with a really nice Muskegon river brown trout caught on a dry fly

Here’s Jimmy with one of several nice Muskegon river brown trout caught with dry flies today.

Even with the higher water trout fishing with dry flies has produced several trout the past dew days largely in part to the extreme clarity of the very high water.  Caddis flies have been leading the charge with sulfurs and gray drakes not far behind.

Look for the water levels to come down even more the next few days and now that the sucker spawn is gone the trout fishing with dry flies is on!

Special thanks to Matt Supinski owner of the Gray Drake Lodge & Outfitters for hosting today trip.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Browns That Go Bump In The Night!

Nice Muskegon River Brown Trout Taken On Dry Fly

Due to a last minute cancellation I was able to land this really nice brown trout on a Gray Drake pattern this evening.

Wet flies continue to produce although certain dry fly patterns (i.e. caddis) presented as a dry on a “dead drift” have been the best producers as of late.  Sulfurs, caddis, and gray drakes have made up the bulk of the dries right now.  Due to all the immediate food sources (sucker spawn) in the Muskegon, patience and presentation have been the keys to strike the big ones.  As the suckers start to move on the trout will start to look up.

Look for the next week’s warm spell and dry weather to drop the water levels and increase the surface hatches.

post by: jon fortuna

Big Bows & Little Bows

Jordan with a football size rainbow caught on a dry fly

Jordan with a June 1st steelhead

Here’s Jordan from Rockford, MI with a very healthy (fat) Muskegon river rainbow trout caught with a dry fly and a June 1st, steelhead caught with an egg fly pattern.

Water levels have spiked recently to 3500 cfs with all this recent rain.  Good news is more steelhead have come up with the new push of water.  Streamers for trout are productive with the higher water.  Bad news is the dry fly fishing has become a little more challenging with the higher water and the cold front that moved in.

AM & PM hatches are strong with Caddis, Sulphurs, and Gray Drakes leading the way.  Look for water levels to recede and water temps to warm up the next few days allowing trout to look up toward the daily hatch.

Post by: Jon Fortuna

It’s Not Over Yet

Lori with an outstanding 14 lb 33 inch late May steelhead

Bill with a late May steelhead

Lori with a nice late May steelhead

Bill with another late May steelhead

The recent rain has brought in another fresh push of steelhead.  Here’s Bill & Lori with some really nice late May steelhead including Lori’s awesome 14lb, 33″ hen pictured above.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Late May Steelhead On The Muskegon

Roger with a hard fighting May Steelhead

Roger with an outstanding late May steelhead.

Pockets of steelhead continue on the Muskegon.  Water temps and flows are perfect for streamer tips for trout.  Morning and evening hatches are progressing nicely.

Post by: Jon Fortuna

Sweet 16

Alex with an outstanding 14 lb 33 inch May steelhead

Dietmar with a nice May steelhead

Alex with a beautiful May spring steelhead

Here’s 16 year old Alex and his dad Dietmar pictured with Alex’s first steelhead ever on a fly rod which just happened to be an awesome 32 inch 14 lb buck.  Steelhead fishing today was on fire as Alex and Dietmar had several opportunites for hook-ups all day long.

post by: Jon Fortuna

Early Morning Chrome

TJ with a really nice early morning May steelhead

TJ with a really nice late May chrome hen from this morning.

Water conditions remain really good.  Red tail suckers are starting the transition to steelhead bedding areas.  Large browns & rainbows can be found behind these bedding areas.  Cinnimon Caddis, Stone Flies, & the start of Gray Drakes are on!

post by: Jon Fortuna

The One That Didn’t Get Away!

Joe with a broken rod steelhead

Pat with a really nice May chrome hen

Joe with a hard fighting buck

Pat with a really nice May Steelhead

Holding the broken fly rod on the left is John (aka..Dad) along with his sons Pat (right) and Joe in the middle getting the job done despite the broken fly rod.  Great job today guys!

May steelheading continues on the Muskegon.  Pockets of really nice steelhead can be found with a little patience and covering a lot of water.  The flows and clarity are perfect right now for steelhead fishing, stripping streamers for large size brown trout, and dry fly fishing for trout.

post by: Jon Fortuna