Muskegon River Salmon Fishing

Muskegon River Salmon Fishing

(September thru October)

From September thru October, opportunistic anglers have the chance to catch sizable trophies of King Salmon and silver Coho Salmon when they embark on a salmon fishing charter in Muskegon with Fly Fire Guide Service.  We take anglers that enjoy big-game fishing up and down the Muskegon River in search of trophies that weigh anywhere from 10 to 30 pounds!  Typically, the fish weigh between 15-20 pounds, but our anglers have caught many Salmon that tip the scales over 30 pounds.

Salmon Fishing on The Muskegon

Fishing for salmon in the Muskegon River with us is a rewarding experience, as anglers will enjoy the challenge of wrestling with these mammoth fish for over an hour, as they jump and try to squirm away.

September is one of our favorite months, as salmon, in their pre-spawn stage are readily available in the Muskegon River for anglers, and the aerial encounters we have with them are a distinct fishing experience.  After spending time fishing for Salmon in the Muskegon River, and conquering the challenge, you’ll want make to make it an annual event!

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Salmon Fishing on Muskegon River