32 Pound, 42″ King Salmon

32 Pound, 42″ King Salmon

Steve with an huge 32 pound 42 inch king salmon from his trip October 11th, 2016

Here’s Steve from Sears, MI pictured with one of the largest king salmon I’ve ever had the absolute pleasure to help bring to the boat! Outstanding job Steve!  When you cant get your hand around the girth of the tail for the grip & grin photo, you know its big.

The fall king salmon run is improving.  The recent colder weather has really brought more kings up from the deeper holes to gravel.

Rainbow trout, big browns, and steelhead are actively feeding around salmon spawning areas.  Key on female salmon dropping eggs.  Fish the dark water behind and around the bedding areas for strikes from other migratory big game fish.  Key on the darker water around the beds!!

post by: Jon Fortuna

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