Time To Shine!

Time To Shine!
(Kyra’s 1st Ever Steelhead)

Meet the new young fly fishing prodigy from Chicago.  Here’s Kyra holding her first ever steelhead hooked, fought, and landed all by herself with a fly rod.  Kyra’s first ever big Buck just happened to tip the scale at 30-inches and 16lbs.  Great job Kyra!!  Welcome to the steelhead club!

(Ted with a chrome hen)

Not to be outdone here’s Kyra’s dad Ted with a nice chrome hen.

(Ted & Kyra with a steelhead)

Here’s Kyra and Ted with another beautiful steelhead from the Muskegon river.

(Ted with a big rainbow trout)

Ted pictured with a beautiful 20-inch rainbow trout from the Muskegon.  The trout fishing behind the steelhead reds has been on fire lately bringing some incredible size trout to the boat every trip so far.

(Kyra with a steelhead)

Here’s Kyra with another nice Muskegon river steelhead brought to the boat.  From line management, to handling the blistering runs and acrobatic leaps, Kyra got the job done bringing several nice steelhead to the boat with her fly rod.

(Ted & Kyra with a huge hen!)

It took both Ted and Kyra to haul this nice steelhead to the boat.  In excess of 17lbs and 33-inches.  Great job guys! 

(Tale of the Tape)

Water conditions continue to be low and clear but that doesn’t seem to affect the steelhead run as new steelhead continue to enter the river system and spread out in select pockets throughout the river system.

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