Crystal Chrome Trout On Dry Flies!

Crystal Chrome Trout On Dry Flies!
(Beautiful Chrome Rainbow Trout)

Here’s a beautiful chromed out rainbow trout that absolutely hammered a dry fly on the first cast through its feeding lane. So nice to see the healthy trout population on the Muskegon getting better every year. The new 15″ minimum regulation is having a very positive impact on the size and quantity of trout improving every year.

(Tale of the Tape)

19-inches of twisted chrome steel fighting like a 20lb. steelhead on a small 5 weight fly rod! From the top water surface strike to the net, nothing beats the pure adrenalin rush when these nice size trout hit!

Water conditions are perfect as the flows are finally starting to dip down to the 3000 cfs levels. Caddis, sulphur and drake hatches are in full swing throughout the river system.

post by: jon fortuna

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