February Steelhead!

February Steelhead!
(Beautiful 16lb Chrome Hen From the Muskegon River)

Never gets old trying to fight these magnificent fish. This gorgeous chrome hen pictured above is the prime example as to why winter steelhead fishing on the Muskegon river is so fantastic. Epic battles with massive steelhead using very light fly gear and long rods makes it all the fun!

(Tale of the Tape!)

Beautiful colors on this very healthy chrome hen. Pockets of steelhead are scattered throughout the river system as true winter temps have set in driving these steelhead into their winter lies waiting for the spring thaw.

(Chrome & Snow!)

Good sign of fresh fish with all the chrome hens from today’s few hour trip.

Water levels have finally come down to more fishable levels from weeks and weeks of very abnormally high flows.

(Great one to end on!)

Awesome way to end the on this chrome hen. If you like steelhead fishing but never tried winter steelhead fishing before, you owe it to yourself to experience the peace and tranquility winter steelhead fishing offers. Just four hours during the warmest part of the day with plenty of boat heaters to go around makes it a very enjoyable and fun way to fish steelhead! Give it a try…. click here to Book Now!

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