Sweet Steel Brotherly Love!

Sweet Steel Brotherly Love!
(Rick with an absolute wall-hanger Muskegon river steelhead)

Brotherly Love runs deep and even more so when both love to fish steelhead!  Here’s Rick holding an absolute “wall-hanger” Muskegon river steelhead along side his brother Jim (both from Ft. Wayne, IN).

(Ricks Tale of the Tape)

When I talked about these steelhead being on the large size this season; this is exactly what I mean.  Rick’s steelhead measured in excess of 33-inches and tipped the boga’s at 18 pounds!  Wall hanger in my book!  Congrats on such an incredible steelhead Rick!  Welcome to my addiction!

(Jim with a beautiful buck!)

Rick’s brother Jim with a beautiful colored buck from the Muskegon river.

(Rick with a gorgeous hen)

Rick with a gorgeous hen.  

(Jim with a really n ice chrome buck!)

Here’s Jim with an absolute crystal chrome buck that fought like crazy!  Took some time to bring this big boy to the net!

(Jims Tale of the Tape)

Just shy of 33-inches.  Jim’s 16 pound silver bullet that just would not stop fighting!

(Jims 17lb Monster Muskegon River Steelhead)

Not to be out down by his brother, Jim brought this 17 pound monster Muskegon river steelhead to the net!  Incredible steelhead Jim!  I swear you and your brother are lucky rabbits feet when it comes to landing big steelhead!  Congrats to both you guys on an incredible day fishing steelhead on the Muskegon river.

(Jim’s Tale of the Tape!)

This is what it’s all about!  Hooking, fighting, and landing some incredible world-class steelhead only the Muskegon river can produce! 

I give both Jim and his brother Rick for a day of great fishing and “Brotherly Love” sharing a one in a million day steelhead fishing the Muskegon river together!

Steelhead fishing conditions could not be any better.  Flows, water temps, all are in perfect condition to make this winter steelhead season on the Muskegon river one to remember!

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