Welcome To The 30/30lb King Club!

Welcome To The 30/30lb King Club!

(Jeff with his first ever salmon that just happened to bottom the bogas out at 30 lbs)

(Bruce with a very fresh hen)

(Bruce with another king from the Muskegon)

(Jeff with his second King of the day that just happened to weigh over 30lbs.)

Please welcome our newest 30/30lb King club member Jeff from Grand Rapids who never caught a salmon before today with several kings hooked and two 30lb+ kings brought to the net!  One pictured on top and the second pictured at the bottom.  Great job Jeff!  Great fights!  Great time!

1,200 cfs yesterday, 7,000 cfs today.  More than a six foot increase in water level and flow in one day.   Things change quickly on the Muskegon, there’s no doubt about it.  This fresh push of water is exactly what’s needed to bring more steelhead up the river system after months of dry hot weather we’re finally getting back to normal weather patterns for this time of year as we start to focus in on the peak fall steelhead season in the weeks to come.

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