Beauty Of The Browns~Lake Run Brown That is!

Beauty Of The Browns~Lake Run Brown That is!

(Muskegon River Lake Run Brown)

Nice surprise to hook & land this very long lake run brown this past Saturday.

(Spawned Out Female Lake Run Brown)

This girl was completely spawned out, very long and thin, almost thought it was a Northern Pike.

(Early Morning Steelhead)

Managed to get into several really nice steelhead (like this one) throughout the short couple hours fished.

(February Steelhead)

Here’s another beauty, perfect winter steelhead sporting her crimson red flank.

(Massive bright chrome hen!  Fresh steelhead showing up daily!)

(Great Way To End The Day With a Huge Chrome Steelhead!)

This massive hen (pictured above and in the net) is the perfect representation of just how big some of these steelhead are in the Muskegon river right now.  Fly Fire River Guide Service has had the very good fortune to hook into and land at least one 13 to 18 pound steelhead in excess of 30″ inches every trip out since October last year.  The size of these steelhead in the river system is down right awesome!  From the size and quantity of steelhead witnessed this winter, the spring run is setting up to be very strong!  Are you ready?

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