Winter Steel Paradise~Day Two

Winter Steel Paradise~Day Two

(34″, 18lbs winter steelhead from the Muskegon River)

Congratulations to Bob with this absolute brute of a Muskegon River Steelhead!  This fish struck both Bob and Amy before finally taking Bob’s presentation on the fourth strike.

(another look at Bob’s massive steelhead…”tale of the tape!”)

(Amy with a crystal chrome winter steelhead)

(Bob with a beautiful winter buck)

(Bob with a winter chrome hen)

(Bob with a male buck sporting full winter colors)

(Bob with an absolute chrome beauty from the Muskegon River)

Pictures don’t do this massive steelhead justice.  16lbs on the bogas in absolutely picture perfect chrome!

(Amy with one of those Muskegon River hens with the unique lower jaw)

(Bob with a “picture perfect” winter steelhead)

The final day of our two day guided steelhead trip (from this past Saturday) ended up in what can only be described as something very special with several large size steelhead brought to the boat by both Bob and his daughter Amy.  Including Bob’s absolute monster 34″, 18lb steelhead pictured top.  Great fish guys!  Great two days of winter steelheading!  I feel absolutely blessed to have the good fortune of introducing you both to winter steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River.

Wanted to express a special “thank you” to Bob for his support of my guide business from the very start.  Bob was one of my very first customers and remains one of the best!  It’s been an absolute pleasure to guide for him over the years into some outstanding steelhead, salmon, and trout; remembering all the epic battles both won and lost and to all the new battles to come…..thank you Bob!

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