Hurry Up….Wait Your Turn!

Hurry Up….Wait Your Turn!

(Tony with a awesome fall buck from the Muskegon River )

Here’s the deal…..high water…more fish….more fishing pressure.  Today was one of those “weekend days” you just wait your turn for a hole to open up to fish.  Fishing pressure was out of this world.  If it’s not fellow fishing guide friends blasting their jet motor up the run your fishing, it’s the constant Indianapolis 500 of jet boats flying up & down the river.  Take your pick.  Fishing pressure was a factor.

Keep the faith though.   Once this blessed “opening day deer gun season” starts November 15th in Michigan the fishing / boat pressure subsides.  There’s plenty of steelhead in the river system right now, the short term problem is the constant boat pressure forcing steelhead to “run for cover:”  Once we approach Turkey Day and early December the steelhead fishing gets much better as the boat traffic subsides.  Regardless, the important thing to take away from this is we are having an above average fall steelhead run.  Only better things yet to come.

Post By: Jon Fortuna

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