Queen of Kings!

Queen of Kings!
(Amy with a king salmon)

Here’s Amy from Madison, WI with a very healthy king salmon from the Muskegon river.  Amy has been out with me during some of the nastiest weather conditions hunting down steelhead in the fall, winter and spring.  So to be able to fish in beautiful fall conditions with sun and mild temps hooking these powerful king salmon has got to be a welcome surprise!

(Bob with a king)

Here’s Bob with a hard fighting king salmon from the Muskegon river.  Bob has also accompanied Amy and I with the quest for steel in some very cold conditions over the years.  So to be able to fish with both Amy and Bob during nice weather conditions in early fall is a most welcomed change!

(Bob with a strong king from the Muskegon)

Here’s Bob with another hard fighting king from the Muskegon River.  This king had Bob into his backing in seconds!  Great job Bob.  Incredible fight!

(Amy & Bob with her king)

Here’s Bob and Amy with Amy’s king salmon.  Wanted to extend a special thank you to both Bob and Amy for their continued support over the years.  It’s been personally rewarding to me to see how far both Bob and Amy have come in developing their fly angling skills!   Both have become extremely good fly anglers; running perfect drifts, managing the fly line, and fighting the fish as evidence above.  Thank you guys!  I truly appreciate your friendship over the years and really enjoy fishing with you guys!

Water conditions are shaping up in a good way in anticipation of the fall king salmon run with the prized fall steelhead to soon follow!

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