The Best Things In Life Never Come Easy!

The Best Things In Life Never Come Easy!

Here’s Bill with an absolute beauty fall steelhead from the Muskegon river.  Patients and perseverance paid off.  Bill’s steelhead hit the fly five feet from the boat on the strip in.  Congrats Bill!  Well earned! Outstanding fight!

It’s been an interesting late fall.  Steelhead are scattered throughout the river system but spotty in very low clear water.  The key seems to be to get in position at the right place at the right time.

Winter looks to be upon us again after this brief warm up past couple days.  Water temps are hovering around the 40 degree point.  What’s needed is some really nasty weather and a push of water to drive more steelhead up stream and that’s exactly what’s in the forecast in the days to come.  Remember, December has traditionally been the start of some excellent winter fishing on the MO bringing with it some of the largest steelhead of the year.

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