Brown Trout That Go Gulp In The Night!

Brown Trout That Go Gulp In The Night!
(Greg with a brown trout that smashed his Drake dry fly)

Here’s my long time friend Greg from Rockford, MI with a very aggressive brown trout that absolutely smashed his Drake pattern dry fly just before total darkness of the night set in.

We’ve talked about it before; timing the rises and how trout start feeding heavier as the sun goes down.  Well that’s exactly what happened with Greg’s brown trout.  What started out as sporadic feeing with no consistency quickly changed as the sun started to dip below the tree line.  Greg’s trout became much more active with 30 second intervals between rises.  Greg timed the rises and kept placing the cast perfectly just up stream of the browns face before each rise.  One great hook-set later and perfect rod position throughout the fight, brought this nice 19-inch brown trout to the net!  Great job Greg!!

Dry fly fishing for trout has been on fire past few weeks with caddis, cahills, blue wing olives, and drake hatches taking center stage.  The low clear water is causing the trout to look up more than ever as the red tail sucker spawn has come to an end.

The hotter air temps are raising the water temps and seem to have  sparked the native brown and rainbow trout into a feeding frenzy with action throughout the day in various spots on the river.  

post by: jon fortuna

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