Bad To The 23″ Bow!

Bad To The 23″ Bow!
(John’s 23″ Muskegon River Rainbow Trout)

Here’s my great friend John from Nothern Michigan with a 23″ Muskegon River Rainbow Trout.

(Tale of the 23″ Rainbow Trout Tape!)

Notice the forked tale?  Prime indication of this incredible rainbow trout.  Rainbow trout are identified by their forked tail.  Steelhead tails are vertically straight in the back verses the forked tail only native rainbow trout have.

No, this Muskegon river rainbow trout decided to spend all year in the river system verses a steelhead that reaches 1.5 to 2 year maturity in the river system and decides to migrate to Lake Michigan in the summer time to put on weight and size becoming a steelhead.  Migrates back to the Muskegon river system for the fall and spring steelhead run.

Steelhead fishing remains tough in the low clear water.  But, pockets of steelhead remain in the river system with fresh hens keeping the males around.

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