Simple Men!

Simple Men!
(Bob with an aggressive steelhead)
(Paul with a “log jam” steelhead)
(Bob with “log jam” steelhead #2)

Please meet my friends Bob (right) and Paul from Wisconsin with some incredible Muskegon river spring steelhead.  Thank you for such a great time.  Watching you guys battle these magnificent fish was the best part of all.  Congrats guys!!  Thank you so much for the support over the years!

Water conditions are low and clear.  Regardless, steelhead continue to enter the river system.  Pockets are found scattered throughout.  Black stone flies are on fire right now!  This low clear water with littered with heavy stone hatches are tempting the trout to look up.  For those of you that’d like to get a dry fly line wet, nows the time!

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