Don’t Stop Believin’!!

Don’t Stop Believin’!!
Jeff with a Massive Muskegon River Steelhead!)

Here’s one of the best from Western Michigan, please meet Jeff with what can only be described as a very large Muskegon river steelhead!  Tipping the bogas over 19lb’s and 35-inches of twisted chrome steel.  Jeff not only got this cow to feed, he swung her out of a massive log jam, and dropped back with the boat to bring her to the net 15 minutes later!  Great job Jeff!  Insane steelhead!!  Congrats my friend!

Despite the poor spring run of steelhead this year due to so many factors out of our control, keep the faith!  The sun will come up tomorrow!  One thing I’ve come to know over 25 years fishing the Muskegon river exclusively is to never under estimate the Mighty MO.  The Muskegon can humble the best anglers any given day, but at the same time the MO can produce once in a life time world class fresh water game fish at any time.  The steelhead run will return.  It can only get better from here!

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