Standing Tall!

Standing Tall!
(Bob with an absolute beauty Muskegon River Steelhead!)

Here’s my great friend Bob from Madison, WI with an absolute beauty of a Muskegon river steelhead!

(Tale of the Tape!)

I give Bob all the credit for sticking it out during one of the toughest steelhead runs experienced in a long time.

(Bob with a chromed out hen)

Pin point casts, perfect drifts, all added up to Bob hooking up with several nice steelhead.

(Bob with a hard fighting buck!)

Remaining positive and staying determined to make all the right moves was rewarded by binging these beautiful Muskegon river steelhead to the net.

(Bob with another hard fighting buck!)

 Everything from winter hold overs to bright chrome and all points in between.

(Bob with an early morning buck)

Early winter thaw, low clear water, bright sunlight, lack of any winter run off all made this spring steelhead run on the Muskegon one of the most challenging ones in years.

(Bob with another morning buck)

Despite the conditions being stacked against us, Bob got the job done landing nice steelhead like this thick buck.

(Bob with another big buck!)

When life gives you lemons make them into lemonade and that’s exactly what Bob did bringing this big buck to the net despite the cards being stacked against us.  Congrats Bob!  Nice job during one of the toughest steelhead runs we’ve had in several years.

(Bob with a beautiful chromed out hen)

Bob with one of the most beautiful chrome hens I’ve seen in a long time!

(Bob’s big buck pictured top)

Steelhead remain in the river system in pockets.  One day they are in one location the next they show up in other spots throughout the river system.  Despite the low numbers of steelhead, new chrome hens continue to trickle in keeping some big male steelhead around for time being, but the steelhead run seems to be coming to a bitter sweet end.

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