Water Temps Drop As the Steelhead Bite Starts To Pop!

Water Temps Drop As the Steelhead Bite Starts To Pop!
(Sherry with first ever Steelhead)

Please welcome my new friends Sherry from Rockford, MI and her brother Austin from Jacksonville, FL.  Sherry with her first ever steelhead that believe it or not hit on her very first cast.  Great job Sherry!  Well done!

(Austin with a very chrome steelhead)

Here’s Austin, from Jacksonville, FL.  He’s fished and hunted some of the best areas across the United States and wanted to take a break from deer camp in Northern Michigan to fish the Muskegon river for steelhead.  Nice job Austin!  It was great to fish with you and Sherry.

Water temps are on the way down. When the water temps dip down below 40 degrees, the steelhead group up in the deep pools and slow runs.  Just like bear seek dark caves and boroughs to rest through winter; steelhead stage in large numbers in these deep pools and slow runs during the winter months. It’s not uncommon to have multiple hook-ups in one spot during these times.

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