Dry Flying For Bows & Browns!

Dry Flying For Bows & Browns!
(Mike with a nice brown trout taken with a dry fly)

Here’s my new friend Mike from Rockford, MI wet wadding in style with a nice Muskegon river brown trout that smashed his dry fly!

(Mike with a stout rainbow trout that smashed a dry fly)

Mike with a very healthy Muskegon river rainbow trout gorging on flies top water struck Mike’s dry fly with a vengeance!  Great hook-set Mike!

Dry fly fishing for trout has been on fire past few weeks with caddis, cahills, blue wing olives, and drake hatches taking center stage.  The low clear water is causing the trout to look up more than ever as the red tail sucker spawn has come to an end.

The hotter air temps are raising the water temps and seem to have  sparked the native brown and rainbow trout into a feeding frenzy with action throughout the day in various spots on the river.  

post by: jon fortuna

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