Muskegon River Winter Steelhead Getaway

Muskegon River Winter Steelhead Getaway

Dave with a really nice winter steelhead from the Muskegon river

Here’s Dave, his wife Corinne and his son Harry from Albion, MI who decided to take a winter steelhead trip as a getaway for his son’s return from the Navy.  It’s pretty common for me to have clients who have never steelhead fished before.  But, it’s very uncommon for these same clients to land every steelhead hooked.  This was the case with Dave, his wife and son having a 100% landing percentage.  Not only did they hook some incredible winter steelhead on the Muskegon river, but they landed every one of them in just a matter of a few hours, including Dave’s 14lb, 30″ buck pictured above.

Harry with a awesome 32inch steelhead

Not to be out done, here’s Harry with a really long 33-inch winter buck with the crimson colors in full bloom.  I give Harry all the credit in the world after landing this awesome steelhead turns to me and says “Jon, even if this is the only fish we catch all day, that’s fine.  This made the trip worth while”.

Dave with a bright colored steelhead

Here’s Dave with another beautiful crimson buck.

Corinne with her first ever steelhead

Here’s Corinne with her scrappy winter steelhead.  I’ve never witnessed a first time steelhead angler hook, fight and land a steelhead so calmly while the fish and net man were going crazy.  Great job Corinne!  Hope this isn’t your last time steelhead fishing.  Hope to have you and Dave back out this spring!

Dave with an awesome Muskegon river silver bullet!

Rightfully so, here’s Dave with the last cast of the day bringing a picture perfect Muskegon River Silver Bullet to the boat!  Beautiful fish.  Great way to end the Day!!  Great job guys!!!

Winter fishing conditions are perfect right now.  The recent run-off from the warm weather that came through raised the water levels above 2000-cfs bringing with it more steelhead up the river system.  Steelhead numbers are good right now and should only get better through the next coming weeks.

post by: Jon Fortuna

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