Sweet 16!

Sweet 16!

(Trystan with a big double stripe steelhead)

No better way to celebrate your 16th birthday then hooking and landing your first ever steelhead with dad at your side.   Funny how things work out, this steelhead weighed in at 16lbs on the boga grips and was in excess of 30-inches.  Trystan’s Sweet 16 birthday with the best gift of all; a massive 16lb steelhead from the Muskegon River!  Great job Trystan!  Outstanding fish!!  Happy Sweet 16 Trystan!!!

Here’s Joe (a.k.a dad) not to be outdone with this chrome beauty!  Fresh steelhead continue to enter the river system.

Water conditions are still holding at very good levels for this time of year.  All that’s needed is a little warmer water temps with a little better water clarity and it’s game on!

post by: jon fortuna

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