It’s….The Final Countdown!

It’s….The Final Countdown!

(Jacob with a beautiful spring steelhead)

Here’s Dad with his 11-year-old son Jacob with a very healthy steelhead from the Muskegon River.  It was a tag team effort to bring this big hen to the boat.  Despite her not wanting the photo shoot, booth Andrew and Jacob got the job done bringing this big girl to the net.  Great job guys!  Excellent drifts Jacob!

Water conditions right now are the perfect precursor for the spring steelhead run.  With heavy sustained flows from the past two weeks mixed with dark stained water has allowed safe passage for numbers of steelhead to migrate up river.

Look for the cold 34-degree water temps to rise and water clarity to improve as the weather gets warmer in the weeks to come.  With the warmer water comes a more aggressive bite and better fishing.  Water temps will rise more aggressively as the Croton Pond above the dam starts to melt off its surface ice.  Once the ice is gone, the river water temps rise quickly triggering the start of the steelhead run.

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