Day One In Winter Steelhead Paradise

Day One In Winter Steelhead Paradise

(Amy with a massive winter Buck!)

(Bob with an early morning surprise!)

(Amy pictured with one of the fattest winter steelhead ever seen!)

(This girl has been stocking up on the calories!)

(Amy with a nice winter steelhead)

(Bob with a crystal chrome winter steelhead)

(Amy with a beautiful Muskegon river winter steelhead)

Here’s Bob and his Daughter Amy from Madison WI who joined me today for day one of a two day getaway in what turned out to be a true winter steelhead paradise!  With several hook-ups throughout the short few hour day made for some epic battles and beautiful steelhead memories to last a lifetime!

Water conditions are perfect.  The extreme run-off from last weekends warm spell raised the water levels and has brought several fresh steelhead up the river system.

post by: Jon Fortuna

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