Living A Brown Trout Dream!

Living A Brown Trout Dream!

(Ed holding a “wall-hanger” river brown from the Muskegon)

Here’s Ed holding a trophy Muskegon River brown trout.  Photo’s don’t do this fish justice.  Absolutely beautiful 25″ native river brown with “fall colors” in full check.

(Ed with another photo of his epic river brown)

The Muskegon River gets a lot of notoriety for its world famous steelhead fishing (rightfully so) but very little on the brown trout fishery.  Seems to be the brown trout fishing on the Muskegon River rivals that of any other river or trout stream in North America.

(Ed holding a scrappy fall steelhead)

These trout on the Muskegon have gotten bigger in the past five years than I’ve seen in the last twenty.  These browns have grown tremendously in both size and numbers leading me to believe the trout fishing on the Muskegon River is one of the best kept secrets in Michigan.

(Ed with another nice river brown trout)

Water levels have spiked recently bringing more steelhead up the river system.  Water temps are dropping into the low 40’s.  Steelhead are starting to seek the slow moving pools as they approach their winter lies.

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