(Drew’s Crystal Chrome King Salmon)

Drew from Chicago with a crystal chrome Muskegon river king salmon that absolutely smashed his fly on the swing in a deep pool.  Drew’s King was one of the most silver fresh kings I’ve seen on the Muskegon.  This king literally was days in from Lake Michigan.  Beautiful king!

(Drew & John with Drew’s Crystal King)

The deep pool staging areas for these king salmon continue to increase numbers as the fall fishing season on the Muskegon river starts to explode!  A common misconception among fly anglers is king salmon don’t take flies in the deep pools.  This could not be further from the truth.  These kings don’t only smash flies in the deep pools they actually will seek out and attack the flies feet from the boat stripping in for the next cast. 

These kings are not striking out of hunger but pure aggression as their bodies start to change physically for the spawning process.  This change in their bodies leave them agitated and for lack of a better term “pissed off” as they battle each other for position on female salmon in the deep pools.

post by: jon fortuna

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