Back-N-Black Back-N-Kings!

Back-N-Black Back-N-Kings!
(John’s 42″ 29lb Muskegon River King Salmon)

Here’s long time friend and client John from Chicago with the best of the day. 42-Inches and 29 pounds of twisted green steel! You just can’t imagine how hard these fish fight until you hook one with a light weight fly rod. Absolutely incredible fights ensue with battles lasting well over 20 minutes.

(John with another Muskegon River King Salmon)

John with another incredible Muskegon river king salmon that absolutely smashed his fly at first light.

(Tale of the in excess of 40″ Tape!)

Water conditions are ideal for this time of the year on the Muskegon.  The recent rains have brought up new kings and with it a few fall steelhead and strong push of early season Coho Salmon.

Thanks for the trip John!  See you in October!!

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