Not About the #’s. All About The 1!

Not About the #’s.  All About The 1!
(John with a Bruiser Muskegon River King Salmon!)

Great friend and client John from Chicago with an absolute killer king salmon from the Muskegon River.  Deep pools a.k.a salmon staging areas are stacked with king salmon.


(Tale of the Tape)

It’s only a matter of time before the salmon run breaks wide open.  Only thing seeming to hold us back is water temps.  Unseasonably warm nights and mornings have not lowered the water temps yet.


(John and son celebrate a victory well earned!)

Colder weather in the forecast with higher flows is exactly whats needed to kick start the fall salmon run on the Muskegon river.   And along with the fall salmon come the fall steelhead.  Stay tuned!  Game on!!

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