Double Red Stripe Brute!

Double Red Stripe Brute!
(Greg with a crimson red Bad Ass!)

Here’s Greg with what can only be described as “threading the needle” with a one in a million cast into a log jam only to have the water erupt with this 32″ Twisted Crimson Red Ball of Steel rocketing out of the water!  Incredible fight, incredible story!  Incredible double stripe steelhead!  Congrats Greg! 

(Bert with a steelhead)

Not to be outdone, here’s Bert from Rodney, MI with a beautiful Crown Jewel from the Muskegon.

(Greg with a chrome hen)

Despite the low clear water, steelhead continue to enter the river system.  Slow deep pools, to fast water runs and gravel continue to produce steelhead and very large size trout!

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