“The One” That Didn’t Get Away!

“The One” That Didn’t Get Away!

From left to right here’s John, Bert, and Greg with some outstanding steelhead from day one of a two-day spring steelhead fishing trip on the Muskegon river.

Pictured top is John’s massive 34″ buck that crossed the river four times looking for every log jam in the river to break John off.  After a drag screaming 15-minute fight John brought this massive steelhead to the boat for the traditional “grip & grin” photo shoot. Great job John!  Outstanding steelhead!  Congratulations to all three of you guys on some excellent battles with one of the Muskegon rivers strongest big game fish!

Water levels remain excellent right now for early May!  With these high flows, new chrome steelhead continue to enter the river system.  Look for the water levels to increase in the week to come with heavy rains in the forecast which will push even more steelhead up river system.

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