33 & 1/4″ Inches Of 20-Pound Twisted Chrome Steel!

33 & 1/4″ Inches Of 20-Pound Twisted Chrome Steel!
(John & Son Jack with a monster 20lb Muskegon River Steelhead!)

Every once in a while the Muskegon river flexes its muscle to remind you just how truly blessed and wonderful this river steelhead fishery really is.  Seems these days on the Muskegon, the fabled 20-pound steelhead not only exist but are thriving with growing numbers every year.

Please meet my great friend John from Chicago with a 33 & 1/4″-inch, 20 pound world class steelhead!  Congratulations John on a literal one in a million steelhead!!

(Tale of the 20lb Tape!)

Water temps are dipping down to that 40 degree and below water temps forcing the steelhead to gang up in their winter lies. 

(John’s 20 Pound Muskegon River Steelhead)

Good numbers of steelhead are present throughout the river system.  With the continued strong flows and a brief warm spell next week should raise the water levels and bring more steelhead up from the lower stretches of the river system.

We have winter fishing dates available during this Christmas and New Year Holiday season.  Great way to spend 4 hours of fishing the warmest part of the day with your friends and or family during the Holiday break.  Heaters are available in the boat and the steelhead fishing has been strong.  Great way to introduce yourself, friends, or family to fish for the most powerful fresh water big game fish in North America!  Click here to book a trip!

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