Black Friday Becomes Chrome Steelhead Friday!

Black Friday Becomes Chrome Steelhead Friday!
(Ben & Dad with a Muskegon River Steelhead)

Here’s Ben, who’s an exceptional high school soccer player.   Ben just made the Michigan All-State Soccer Team this year with Rockford high school in Rockford, MI.  Even better, Ben is pictured holding his first ever Muskegon river steelhead!  Nothing better then celebrating with dad on such a great steelhead!  Great job Ben!

(Greg with an incredible Steelhead from the Muskegon river)

Not to be outdone, here’s Greg (a.k.a Dad) with a beautiful double stripe steelhead that fought like crazy!  This steelhead hit and was down river a hundred yards in a blink of an eye!  Incredible fight!  Nice job Greg!

(Ben with another killer steelhead!)

This latest winter storm from last week has raised the water levels and brought a fresh batch of new chrome steelhead up the river system making what has already been a strong fall steelhead run into a great winter steelhead season about to turn on fire!

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