Silver & Chrome!

Silver & Chrome!
(George with a monster steelhead)

Here’s my good friend George from Chicago with a bruiser of a Muskegon river steelhead!

(George’s tale of the tape)

What started out as a slow bite quickly turned around as the sun came up and the bite turned on!

(Nick with a gorgeous crystal chrome steelhead)

Not to be outdone, here’s Nick, my other good friend from Chicago with a picture perfect chromed out Muskegon river steelhead.

(Nick’s tale of the tape)

The steelhead brought to the boat this fall have been big!  Averaging 13 to 15 pounds with lengths well over 25-inches with some steelhead pushing the 17 to 19 pound mark and well over 30-inches.

(George with another Muskegon river steelhead)

This latest winter storm from last week has raised the water levels and brought a fresh batch of new chrome steelhead up the river system making what has already been a strong fall steelhead run into a great winter steelhead season about to turn on fire!

post by: jon fortuna

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