Time To Think Spring! Spring Steelhead Fishing!!

Time To Think Spring!  Spring Steelhead Fishing!!
(Jim with a crimson red double stripe buck!)
(Tale of the Tape)
(Jim with a gorgeous spotted chrome hen)
(Beautiful color on this chrome hen)
(Jim with a very healthy chrome buck!)

Here’s Jim from Ft. Wayne Indiana with some killer steelhead brought to the boat and a few more that just didn’t want their picture taken.  Great job Jim!  

Fishing conditions are in a transition right now as warm-ups followed by cold fronts are making way to the transition from winter steelheading to spring.  The warm up next week will continue to raise water levels and temps triggering new steelhead to make their way up the river system.  Steelhead in all phases, from crimson red winter coats to bright chrome steel are present throughout the river system.

post by: jon fortuna

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