20 Pounds 37-Inches Of Twisted Red Steel!

20 Pounds 37-Inches Of Twisted Red Steel!
(Todd with his incredible 20lb Muskegon River Steelhead)

Here’s my long time friend and client Todd from Colorado with what can only be described as an massive Muskegon River steelhead.  This steelhead had both the incredible 37″ length and girth with massive shoulders thick of muscle.  Incredible steelhead Todd!  Congrats my friend!!

(37-Inches of Twisted Red Steel!)

Steelhead can be found throughout the river.  Large rainbows and brown trout are feeding heavily behind the steelhead redds.  Fresh chrome, winter holdovers, and all points in between can be had.  Deep pools, medium fast water, and fast runs are all producing steelhead.

Water conditions are good holding flows around 3000 cfs with a nice light stain to the water. 

Stone fly’s are starting to get some large size trout to look up!

post by: Jon Fortuna

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