Getting That Itch? That Itch for Spring Steelhead!

Getting That Itch?  That Itch for Spring Steelhead!
(Me scratching that 33-inches of twisted chrome steel itch!)

Never gets old.  That pure adrenalin rush you get from hooking the hardest fighting fresh water game fish in North America.  And not to mention doing it on one of the best steelhead rivers in North America.

(Muskegon river crystal chrome steel)

A certain percentage of female steelhead make their way up the Muskegon river system seeking food and refuge from the harsh Lake Michigan environment during the winter time.

(Fresh Chrome Steelhead!)

Believe it or not, some of the largest steelhead of the season come in the transition from winter to spring in February and early March.

(Muskegon river brown trout)

The brown trout fishing on the Muskegon river just keeps producing!  Producing more brown trout on such a consistent basis makes me just itch for the dry fly fishing the drake hatch this spring / early summer!

(Winter hold over Muskegon river steelhead)

Beautiful colors on this young male (buck) steelhead from the Muskegon river.

(Tale of the New Tape! 33″ Steelhead Pictured Top)

Fresh steelhead continue to enter the river system as we are heading into a major transition point of winter to spring.  Look for water flows and temps to rise bringing more steelhead up into staging areas as the spring steelhead season creeps its way forward next few weeks.

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