Lightning Strikes Twice!

Lightning Strikes Twice!
(Jim with a massive Muskegon River Steelhead!)

For those of you who’ve steelhead fished before you know how difficult it can be to catch a massive steelhead in weeks of fishing let alone a couple days.  Well, here’s Jim from Fort Wayne, Indiana with his 2nd massive steelhead in excess of 30 inches and well over 17 pounds.

(Jims 32″ steelhead Tale of the Tape)

Jim was out with me last fall and landed his first massive 17 pound steelhead in excess of 30 inches (very similar to this one).  And here he is doing it again during the first couple casts this past Saturday morning.  Incredible job Jim!  You have proved the theory wrong.  Crimson Red Steel Lightning can strike twice!  Awesome fish!  Congratulations!!

(Tiziano’s first ever Steelhead!)

Not to be outdone, here’s Jim’s friend Tiziano with his first ever steelhead which just happened to be a beautiful 30-inch chromed out hen.  Great job Tiziano!  Welcome to the 30-inch Steelhead Club!

(Jim with a beautiful 33″ steelhead)

Just when you think it can’t get any better, here’s Jim with another big steelhead.  This one was a beautiful chromed out hen in excess of 33-inches long!  Incredible!  Told Jim he needed to play the lottery on his way home!

(Jim’s 33″ Steelhead Tale of the Tape)

One of the things so special about Muskegon river steelhead fishing this time of the year is the colors these steelhead come in.  From bright chrome to deep crimson red and all points in between.  The beautiful colors these steelhead come in this time of year is incredible.  

(Tiziano with a hard fighting Buck!)

Tiziano gets the award of best fighting fish of the day!  Tiziano’s buck struck so hard leaping well over four feet out of the water and blasted downstream the length of a football field in literally a “blink of an eye.”  Incredible steelhead, very strong!  Incredible fight!  Well done Tiziano.  Welcome to my steelhead addiction!

(Jim & Tiziano with his first)

Wanted to give a special thanks out to both Jim and Tiziano.  Was so much fun to just watch you guys in action fighting these magnificent steelhead.  Can’t remember ever having a trip where every steelhead brought to the boat were over 30-inches and in excess of 14 pounds!  Great job guys!  I hope you realize how special this really was!  

Water conditions are perfect.  More steelhead continue to enter the river system as the snow starts to melt and the flows and water temps start to rise.  The stage is being set for a strong spring steelhead run!

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