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Lightning Strikes Twice!

Lightning Strikes Twice!

For those of you who’ve steelhead fished before you know how difficult it can be to catch a massive steelhead in weeks of fishing let alone a couple days.  Well, here’s Jim from Fort Wayne, Indiana with his 2nd massive steelhead in excess of 30 inches and well over 17 pounds. Jim was out with… Continue Reading

Feels So Good!

Feels So Good!

(Nice fall steelhead from the Muskegon river that decided to play) Even though it was just a few hours, it felt so good to be able to get a line wet and feel that tug again only a fall steelhead from the Muskegon river can produce!  Water levels and clarity are excellent right now.  The… Continue Reading

9 Year Old…. Hands Of Steel!

Here’s 9-year-old CJ with Dad celebrating in style with his first ever steelhead.  A 29″ Muskegon River silver bullet taken with a fly rod!  If you could have only seen the cast CJ made to hook this fish!  Not to mention the fight.  CJ handled it flawlessly navigating this outstanding chrome hen out of several… Continue Reading

Lansing Angler Makes Good Steelhead Fishing The Muskegon River

Bill from Lansing, MI came out today to break away for some winter steelhead fishing on the Muskegon river.  I give Bill credit; it’s been 10 years since he steelhead fished here in Michigan.  Until now, the only thing he wanted to do was get out of doors to fish the Muskegon river.  This beautiful… Continue Reading

Cold Hard Muskegon River Steel!

As March grows near, I wanted to remind you the biggest steelhead of the year are taken late February & March on the Muskegon.  The fish below seem to be a pre-curser of what’s to come.  Although they’re not quite wall hangers yet, if they make it a couple more years these double stripe bucks… Continue Reading

Shake Those Blues 1/16/14

Nice to get out and put a bend in the rod for a few hours.  Steelhead fishing remains strong on the MO.  Hit the first steelhead the second cast of the day.  The fish hit so hard it caught me off guard and lost it minutes into the fight.  What really amazes me though is the outstanding size trout… Continue Reading

Crimson & Chrome

Winter steelhead fishing on the Muskegon river picked up past couple days with the warmer temps.  We’ve been catching several winter steelhead sporting their crimson red colors including a handful of fresh chromers like this nice 30″ 12lb female.   Look for this resent run-off of melting snow to raise the water levels and shuffle… Continue Reading

Steelheading the Mighty MO (12/29/13)

Brent & his brother Andrew from Duluth, MN joined me for some winter steelhead fishing.  Here’s Brent with an awesome chrome bullet that smashed his bead head nymph. The only request from Brent was to get his brother into steelhead, as he never caught one before.  Well, catch them he did.  Here’s Andrew with the… Continue Reading

Muskegon River Winter Steelhead Fishing 12/21/13

Talked to several perspective clients the past couple weeks debating booking a trip for winter steelhead fishing the Muskegon river in Michigan with me.  Hope this might help your decision?  You have no idea what you’re missing!   Winter steelhead fishing the MO is outstanding right now.  We have dates available Christmas thru New Years.… Continue Reading