February Steelheading!

February Steelheading!
(Clays’ First Ever Steelhead)

Here’s Clay and Britney from the East Side of Michigan.  Clay holding his first ever steelhead.  31 inches, 14 pounds of twisted chrome steel!  Great job Clay!

(Britneys’ First Ever Steelhead)

Not to be out done, here’s Britney posing with her first ever steelhead landed just a few casts after Clays.  Nice job Britney!

(Britney & Clay February Steelheading)

Water conditions remain excellent for winter steelheading on the Muskegon right now.  More steelhead continue to enter the river system as we get closer to that spring thaw.  With the recent major snow accumulation, we have the opportunity for an excellent spring run-off.  Conditions are setting up perfectly for the spring steelhead run.  With the higher flows, come more steelhead up river.

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