February Heat!

February Heat!
(February Steel!)

Fresh deep snow covering the banks.  Sun light glistening off the snow-covered trees.  Light breeze with the warmth of a propane heater waiting for that very second when the water irrupts.  That unmistakable silver flash and sledge hammer tug of Michigan’s ultimate big game fish as it breaks the water and flips airborne in circles trying to do everything it can do to break free.

Nothing beats the peace and tranquility of winter steelhead fishing.  If you enjoy steelhead fishing and never experienced winter steelheading on the Muskegon river here in Michigan, you owe it to yourself to give it a try.  Steelhead during the winter months fight just as hard as any other time of the year and can be more plentiful as the steelhead gang up in groups in slow moving pools and deep runs conserving energy waiting for the spring thaw.

The winter months of February to early March produce some of the largest steelhead of the year on the Muskegon.  The “big ones” year after year seem to enter the river system early in anticipation of the spring run.

Water conditions are perfect for winter steelhead fishing right now on the Muskegon.  Ideal flows mixed with water temps holding around that perfect 35 degree point; force these steelhead to group up in their winter lies.

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