Spring Steelhead Run Approaches

Spring Steelhead Run Approaches

Here’s a very healthy beautiful chrome hen from the Muskegon River

The spring steelhead run grows closer on the Muskegon river despite the up and down weather patterns from the past few weeks.  High flows have dissipated from 5000/4500 cfs to the current levels of 3200.  The higher water has brought more numbers of steelhead up the river system.

Here’s a early morning hard fighting March buck from the Muskegon River

Water temps have recently fluctuated from a high of 38 degrees and back down to the current temp of 36 with a strong amount of stain.  Look for the water temps to gradually rise over the next couple weeks as we get back into more consistent weather patterns for this time in March with a very gradual warm up in the weeks to come.

Another really nice chrome hen on very bright 22 degree day

When the water temps begin to rise, as we get closer to April, the steelhead will start transitioning out of their winter lies and will start to seek staging areas behind gravel.  These staging areas are a great spot to focus your efforts, as we get closer to the optimal steelhead spawning temps of 42 degrees.

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