The Crown Jewel Of The Muskegon River~All 22 Pounds & 36 Inches Of Him!!

The Crown Jewel Of The Muskegon River~All 22 Pounds & 36 Inches Of Him!!

(Mike Mooney (right) holding his record 22lb, 36″ steelhead from the Muskegon River)

Felt more than blessed to guide my client last week into my first legitimate 20 pound steelhead.  Now I’ve had the absolute joy to guide Mike Mooney (pictured right) holding his record setting 22 pound, 36″ massive Muskegon River steelhead!  Pictures don’t do this fish justice.  This massive steelhead’s back fin measured 12″ in length.  Never in my 20 plus years guiding on the Muskegon River have I ever witnessed a steelhead this big.  I’m just extremely glad to be a part of the experience hooking and landing this enormous steelhead.  Congratulations Mike!  Awesome job fighting it!  Awesome fish of a lifetime!!

(Mike with his 2nd ever steelhead weighing in at 18lbs)

Until today, Mike had no prior steelhead fishing experience; never caught a steelhead before.  Almost impossible to believe his first ever steelhead ends up being a 22 pound wall-hanger and his second steelhead ends up weighing in at 18lbs.  Life’s not fair sometimes but Mike truly understands the significance of the steelhead he landed and it couldn’t have happened to a more appreciative and humble man.  Great job Mike!  Congratulations!!  Welcome to my steelhead addiction!!

(Mike’s brother John with a nice spring steelhead)

(Mike with a nice spring steelhead)

(Bert with a colorful spring buck)

(John with a thick spring buck)

Special thanks from left to right to Mike, John, and Bert who made today’s trip one of the most memorable fishing trips I’ve had in a long time.  Never seen so many large size steelhead brought to the boat in a single day.  Great job guys!!

Water conditions are excellent.  Steelhead are still staging in the deeper holes. Water temps finally hit that majical 42 degrees.  Game on!

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3 Responses to The Crown Jewel Of The Muskegon River~All 22 Pounds & 36 Inches Of Him!!

  1. Jon,
    I want to thank you for such a fantastic two days. I’ve done a lot of freshwater and ocean fishing, and this is one of the most exciting trips I have ever been on in my life. It was fantastic for my brother Mike, who had never done anything like that. And we especially enjoyed spending time with you and your father. I thank you for all your professionalism and your advice, and look forward to doing it again.
    Thanks and best of luck,

  2. Dear Jon: I share your excitement. You did a spectaculr job instructing Mike who never even fished before! And you netted all our big fish with screaming efficiency. John, from Maryland and Mike from Wisconsin had an experience on the Muskegon they will never forget. Thank you for being the BEST GUIDE on the river.

  3. Hi Jon: To me you will always be the Muskegon Marvel – what
    a job! Action every spot you took us. The Muskegon is a treasure
    and your experience and knowledge were the perfect match. Your
    guidance was crucial in bringing in those incredible Steelhead – what
    an exhilarating experience! Thanks for a day that will be etched in my memory forever. It was a pleasure being with you, Bert and John.
    PS: The pork chop you grilled at lunch was excellent!

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