That’s My Boy!

That’s My Boy!

(Jordan Fortuna with his very first steelhead with a fly rod)

After years of guiding fathers and sons into really nice steelhead, it was so nice to finally have the opportunity to guide my son into his first steelhead.  I’m extremely proud to introduce you to my 14-year-old son Jordan Fortuna with his very first steelhead taken entirely by himself with a fly rod.   Blistering runs, acrobatic leaps and drag screeching aerial assaults; Jordan learned first hand why fly fishing for steelhead is the ultimate fresh water big game fish and why fly fishing for them is a great way to go about doing it.  Great job Jordan!

(Jordan’s 16lb, 30 Inch Steelhead)

(3 generations of Fortuna’s with Jordan holding his first steelhead)

What a great moment to share with 3 generations of Fortuna’s welcoming aboard our newest member to our steelhead angling family.  Congratulations Jordan!  Welcome to the club!

Recent high waters have really turned on the spring steelhead run on.  Fish can be found throughout the river in deep pools, fast runs, and gravel.  To say the least, the spring steelhead run on the Muskegon is firing on all cylinders!  This high water and cold start to April will pro-long the run and offer great steelhead fishing throughout the month of May.

post by: Jon Fortuna

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