Late May Steelhead On The Run!

Late May Steelhead On The Run!

(Seth with a picture perfect late season steelhead)

Here’s Seth from England with some late season steelhead from the Muskegon River.

Pockets of steelhead still remain but with a high flow and slightly stained water the stage is being set for the perfect transition from the steelhead to trout fishing in the next few days.

Streamer tips, dry fly, and nymph rods will be the focus as we start to transition into some of the best streamer fishing for trout of the season.  Large browns start to fall back from steelhead spawning grounds seeking refuge under the riverbanks.  These big browns can’t resist a baitfish pattern fly swung across their face under the bank.

Also, the best dry fly fishing of the year for large browns and rainbow trout is just around the corner as bug activity is just getting started!

post by: jon fortuna

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