Massive 24″ Muskegon River Brown Trout!

Massive 24″ Muskegon River Brown Trout!
(Chris with an incredible 24″ Muskegon river brown trout)

Here’s Chris from Chicago with what can only be described as a 24″ Muskegon river brown trout of a life time!  Tipping the tape measure at 24-inches, this natural river brown is a wall-hanger!  Congratulations Chris on this amazing native Muskegon river brown trout!

(Muskegon river brown trout)

Notice the adipose fin (small nub like top fin just up from the tail) indicating this beautiful river brown is not only a native river brown trout (stays in the river all year long), it’s also a naturally reproduced Muskegon river brown!  As the adipose fin is not snipped off as they are with planted brown trout by the DNR.

(Chris with his incredible natural reproduced Muskegon river brown trout)

It is absolutely incredible both the size and quantity of natural brown trout the Muskegon river is producing.  Ever since the DNR implemented the new minimum size limit to 15-inches five years back, both the size and quantities of these Muskegon river browns is getting bigger and better every year and Chris’s incredible 24-inch brown trout is proof!

(Tale of the Tape!)

Fresh steelhead continue to enter the river system as the heavy rains and higher water has “shuffled the deck” bringing new chrome up-river.  Colder weather and winter coming is finally giving these steelhead a reason to move up the river system.

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