The Tug Is The Drug!

The Tug Is The Drug!
(Ted with a crystal chrome steelhead)

The tug is the drug and nothing feels better than that first pull from a fall steelhead from the Muskegon river.  And no one knows better than my good friend Ted from Chicago with an absolute crystal chrome beauty from the Muskegon.  Great job Ted!  

(Tale of the Tape)

Doesn’t get much better than Ted’s cosmetically perfect fall steelhead.   Thanks so much for the support over the years Ted!

Water conditions are perfect for fall steelhead.  Good numbers of steelhead are scattered throughout the upper stretches of the Muskegon from the recent push of water from the heavy rains yesterday.

We currently have guide trips available through the holiday season of Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years.  Gift certificates are also available.  Great way to spend time outdoors with the kids as they have a break from school or if you just want to shake those winter blues by getting a line wet.

Once the water temps drop below that 40 degree mark the steelhead fishing gets easier as the majority of steelhead gang up in large numbers in their winter lies.  These slow moving pools can produce double digit hook ups in a matter of hours.  Great way to get your son or daughter interested in the big game fresh water fishing for steelhead, trout and lake run browns! Click here to book your trip or secure your gift certificate!

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  1. For those of you that have fished with Jon – you already know – and for those of you that haven’t yet, you will quickly discover – there is no better guide or gentleman on the water than Jon Fortuna! I always feel fortunate to have met him, and to have had the memorable experiences I have had with him over the years on the Muskegon.

    May there be many more!

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