King Of The Muskegon River!

King Of The Muskegon River!
(Josh with a hefty Muskegon river king salmon)

Here’s Josh from Kentwood, MI with a massive king from the Muskegon river that smashed his swung fly through the deep pool on the retrieve. 

If you’ve never experienced fighting these king salmon in the deep pools when they have all their energy fresh from Lake Michigan; you’ve got to give it a try.  To feel the shear power these kings have as they rip the fly reel into its backing within seconds is an absolute adrenaline rush!  Some people jump out of a plane for it, other stand over the edge of a cliff for it, and some people hook a king salmon swinging flies in the deep pools of the Muskegon river for it!  Pure adrenaline rush!  Congrats Josh!!

(Tale of the Tape)

King salmon continue to enter the river system.  The salmon are stacking up in the staging areas of deep pools and starting to fill up in massive groups as their biological clocks are ticking to start the spawning process.

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