Crimson & Chrome

Crimson & Chrome
(Kurt with a beautiful crimson red steelhead)

Here’s Kurt from Ann Arbor, MI with a beautiful 32-inch Muskegon river steelhead sporting its crimson red winter coat.  These double stripe bucks are the crown jewel of Muskegon river steelhead!

(Tale of the tape)

Steelhead that remain in the river for an extended period of time (since fall) develop these beautiful crimson red stripes.  These double crimson red stripes through the middle and bottom flank is a sign of a big mature healthy male steelhead.  Often referred to as a “double stripe buck.”

(Kurt with another beautiful buck)

Kurt with another beautiful hard fighting buck from the Muskegon river.  Kurt has been out with me several years fishing steelhead throughout all the seasons getting the full perspective just how fun these steelhead are to fight!

(Kurt with a crystal chrome steelhead)

Here’s Kurt adding some crystal chrome steelhead to the mix with this beautiful chromed out hen.  Kurt’s landing percentage today was on point with some really nice steelhead brought to the boat in 4-hours of fishing.

Water conditions are perfect right now for steelhead fishing as flows are holding around a perfect 1500cfs with water temps in the mid 30’s.

Steelhead are on the move as we start to transition into warmer water temps from the winter season mid 30’s to the start of the spring run heat of low 40’s.  Mixtures of winter hold overs and fresh bright chrome steelhead can be found throughout the river system.

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