Getting It Done!

Getting It Done!
(Greg with a Pig of a Steelhead!)

Here the famous Greg “One Cast Keys” with a pig of a Muskegon river steelhead.

(Tale of the Tape)

Wider around his mid section than total length this ball of steel fought like hell!  Great fish Greg! Killer fight!   The steelhead this season have been running BIG!

(Bert with a chrome hen)

Not to be outdone here’s Bert from Rodney, MI with a chromed out hen.


Steelhead fishing conditions are perfect!  Flows have dropped from 5000cfs to mid 4500cfs and the water is starting to clear.  Water temps are just starting to hover around that ideal water temp of 42 degrees.

This prolonged recent cold spell mixed with precipitation is exactly what’s needed to trigger new fish up river and lengthen the spring steelhead run well into May!

Steelhead can be found everywhere from deep slow pools to medium fast runs to gravel.  Also starting to hook drop-back steelhead on the swing as they are all actively feeding on their way back to Lake Michigan.

post by: jon fortuna

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