In The Air Tonight!

In The Air Tonight!
(Todd with a 20″ Muskegon River Brown Trout Taken With A Dry Fly)

Here’s my longtime client and very good friend Todd from Colorado with an absolute crown jewel brown trout from the Muskegon river taken with a dry fly during the gray drake hatch.

(20″ Muskegon River Brown Trout)

The new 15″ minimum brown trout regulation put in place last year has been paying off big time with both size like this monster above but also sheer numbers. The quantity of these world class browns seems to be getting better every year.

(Brown Trout Translucent Blue Gill Plate)

Check out the unique translucent blue gill plate on Todd’s brown. Very distinct blue circle near the eye is a beautiful custom touch to this great brown trout.

(Muskegon River Gray Drake)

The gray drake is a type of May fly unique to the Muskegon river in the fact the drake hatch is the most prolific hatch on the Muskegon bar-none and offers up the best opportunity of the year at world class trout with dry flies.

(Tale Of The Tape)

Special thanks to Todd for traveling all this way from Colorado to make the fishing trip. Your support through the years is very much appreciated! Congratulations on such a nice brown trout!!

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